Any person serving in the capacity of City Clerk and/or Municipal Finance Officer of any city or government agency of the state of Kansas, either elected or appointed; or any Assistant City Clerk, Deputy City Clerk, City Treasurer, Assistant City Treasurer, Assistant City Finance Officer, and other management positions within a finance department (i.e. – Accounting Manager and/or Revenue Manager) shall be eligible for active membership in this organization.

Associate membership may be retained by any member no longer serving in the capacity described in the first paragraph.  Associate membership may be obtained by those holding full membership and voting rights in City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers Associations of other states. Associate members shall have no voting privileges and are not eligible to serve on the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, as Committee Chair and cannot be considered for scholarships.

Membership Dues can be paid by check mailed to: CCMFOA of Kansas c/o Central National Bank P.O. Box 329 Concordia, KS 66901 or online using a credit or debit card.

2022 Membership Dues Statement

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