Certification Institute Scholarships

Guidelines for Certification Institute Scholarships:

  • The applicant must be a City Clerk, Assistant City Clerk, Deputy Clerk, or Finance Director; must be a member in good standing with their dues paid for current year with CCMFOA by time of application.
  • The amount of the scholarship will be the registration fee for the Institute and one-half of a single/double occupancy room and up to $100 for mileage and other expenses.
  • Up to eight (8) scholarships are available for the 2022 Institute.
    All attendees are encouraged to apply. Preference may be given to first time attendees, and cities of the second and third class.
  • Scholarship applicants must complete and submit the Certification Institute Scholarship application form and a written statement of why you want to attend and receive the scholarship to the Association Treasurer. Institute applicants must also submit a letter from your Mayor, Manager, Council or Board supporting your commitment to the CCMFOA/IIMC educational programs. 
  • Applications will be accepted from August 1st – September 
    30th prior to the Institute. 

Only one scholarship may be awarded to any city per year.

Letters will be accepted August 1, 2022, through September 30, 2022, CCMFOA Treasurer. 

Please mail, or e-mail your application to the following:

City of Clay Center – Attn: Amelia Blackwood, CMC
427 Court Street, Clay Center, KS 67432

For additional information on this scholarship, please feel free to contact Amelia Blackwood at 785.632.5454.